It could’ve been the attention paid by national media outlets such as CNN and USA Today. Or, I prefer to think, it could’ve been my heated e-mail to Pepsi Co. that moved the company to get its head out of its ass. But the bottom line is that the “AMP Up Before You Score” iPhone app has been pulled.

    I received the following message from Pepsi just before the weekend:

    Thank you for contacting us with your thoughts about our recent AMP iPhone application.

    I can share with you that we have discontinued the app. After listening to a variety of audiences, including our consumers, we decided that this was the most appropriate thing to do.

    Thanks again for writing. Please know that we appreciate hearing your opinion.


    Consumer Relations

    Good job, Pepsi; now you’re thinking with the right head.

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    2 Responses to “Victorious”

    1. 1 benjamin Says:

      Nice work wifey!

    2. 2 john Says:

      Any word from President Obama on how you don’t like his shunning of Fox News?

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