Uneasy does it

    Apparently, Uranus is in my sixth house, the house representing service, daily activity and health. This is why my life often feels like it consists of one surprise after another. Most of them are good surprises, but surprises nonetheless — and things unplanned usually annoy me.

    I’m trying hard to maintain the flexibility and adaptability that have been at the forefront of my priorities in the recent past.

    In fact, in the past six years, I’ve changed residences five times — including two instances in which I moved to other states. I’ve also worked for six different employers within that same time frame, and even more opportunities peek out from the horizon now and again.

    Upon reading my astrological birth chart, a friend advised me to get used to change, because Uranus symbolizes shocks and revolutions. Yet all of these things make for a very tired Minal. I want steadiness, stability, even predictability.

    Basically, I want the life of my cats. Meow.

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