The sun will come out…

    I don’t know whether it was the fitful night of sleep, the overcast skies, the jitteriness from a too-large coffee, the empty stomach, the five-hour-long missing-cat episode or the donation of my cute clothes to a skinny friend, but today climaxed in big, sloppy tears.

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    2 Responses to “The sun will come out…”

    1. 1 sheshe Says:

      just the fact that you said “donation” and “cute clothes” in the same sentence makes me want to sob a huge pool of tears. for you and me and world we live in.

      but the sun will come out tomorrow and it will shine right on your beautiful, amazing face you bride-to-be.

    2. 2 Lexey Says:

      I have more days like that than I care to admit. Keep your chin up girlie. 🙂

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