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    Friday, February 20th, 2009

    Somehow, my coworkers persuaded me to participate in the Go! St. Louis Marathon Relay with them.

    I’ll be part of a four-person, matchy-matchy team that will run 26.2 miles altogether — 6.5 miles per person — on April 19.

    Training begins Monday, and my boss, who is captain of my team, sent a peppy, “Yes, we can!” e-mail today offering a workout schedule that team members can execute at our company’s fitness center. All that did was annoy me.

    “Does everyone have to be so serious about this?” I thought, realizing a nanosecond later that my posing the question is precisely why I haven’t been able to lose, and keep off, the excess pounds.

    The 20-minute rule

    Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

    Early in my relationship with Ben, he explained to me his 20-minute rule.

    Basically, in St. Louis,” he said, “If you can’t get somewhere within 20 minutes, then it’s probably not a place worth visiting.”

    It just so happens that because of the second phase of a year-long highway shutdown, my daily commute downtown has become 35 minutes long — further proof that work isn’t a place worth visiting.

    Not much

    Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

    I have nothing much to say today. The voices in my head — don’t call me crazy because I know you have your own — have been chattering all day long. And it’s that kind of dialogue that wears me out. 

    The talk starts up whenever I’m about to act upon a big decision, and it persists after I’ve made it … just to test my willpower.

    While I tell these voices that the tea party is over, check out the recently added Portfolio section of this site. It reminds me of my accomplishments, and reminds me that I’m a rock star, regardless of what is being said in my head.

    To the point

    Sunday, May 25th, 2008

    While chatting with my friend last week, he offered my newfound favorite quote:

    This place sucks sometimes. And by sometimes I mean a lot.”

    Thanks, G, you summed up the shared sentiment perfectly.


    Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

    I’ve been fantasizing lately about walking away from my seven-year-old career. I say it as though it’s an era, when it’s not. Seven years is a laughable timeframe when compared to so many of my co-workers, one in particular who has not only been a journalist for 30-plus years, but has worked at the same company for that long. This fact makes me feel as though I’ll never be accomplished.

    I’ve worked for my current employer for a year and eight months, and I’m getting antsy, restless.

    I’m bored. I feel invisible. What should I do? What if i quit? What would I do next? Am I capable of anything but this? Nobody likes me; everybody hates me. I guess I’ll eat some worms.

    The thoughts consume me, and then I begin to pout.

    My good friend told me the other day that if I decide on another career path, self-adjustment will be necessary.

    It’s hard for journalists, she said, to not let their job dictate their identity.

    So, that’s the challenge.

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