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    For the country

    Sunday, July 13th, 2008

    I participated in the political process yesterday. It was the first time I did so, and it was rather satisfying. 

    One stipulation of being a journalist is that an individual must stay away from engaging in activities that would reveal any bias. Sure, it’s a sensible stipulation. But considering that journalists are among the most opinionated individuals on Earth, some begrudgingly follow this principle.

    So, even though the decision to leave newspapers was a difficult one, I felt lucky yesterday to do things that were forbidden in my old job. Such as volunteering with Barack Obama’s campaign to get people to register to vote.

    I got two people registered, which felt like sweet victory, but I was outside for two hours in what was the hottest, muggiest day in St. Louis thus far.

    Democracy is hard. 

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