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    Monday, October 26th, 2009

    It could’ve been the attention paid by national media outlets such as CNN and USA Today. Or, I prefer to think, it could’ve been my heated e-mail to Pepsi Co. that moved the company to get its head out of its ass. But the bottom line is that the “AMP Up Before You Score” iPhone app has been pulled.

    I received the following message from Pepsi just before the weekend:

    Thank you for contacting us with your thoughts about our recent AMP iPhone application.

    I can share with you that we have discontinued the app. After listening to a variety of audiences, including our consumers, we decided that this was the most appropriate thing to do.

    Thanks again for writing. Please know that we appreciate hearing your opinion.


    Consumer Relations

    Good job, Pepsi; now you’re thinking with the right head.

    Dumb ideas from smart people

    Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

    Let me start by saying this: I loathe FOX News. My reaction to an episode of Glenn Beck is probably like what Rush Limbaugh’s reaction would be to an episode of the Rachel Maddow Show — I usually regard the coverage as a bunch of malarky.  I think, however, that President Obama has made a horrible decision to freeze out FOX from the White House press pool.

    I understand the aggravation Obama must feel when the cable news network warps coverage to perpetuate rumors that he is the devil, but come on, Mr. President, aren’t you the uniter and not the divider? In this case, Obama looks like the bully.

    This latest attack on FOX will do the president more harm than good; it’s already fodder for right-wingers used to calling him a commie. Such ongoing efforts to marginalize FOX will give die-hard critics and VOTERS good reason to judge him as an unreceptive leader, catering only to those who cater to him.

    Prove that you’re better than that, Mr. President.

    Media outlets, regardless of slant, deserve access to Obama. All it takes is him truthfully answering questions and letting media deliver as it may.

    It’s not any president’s job to determine the validity of a news organization and its people because — like religion and politics — one person’s falsehoods are another person’s truths.

    Out of touch

    Saturday, June 14th, 2008

    Did anybody witness the recent and now-infamous “fist bump” between Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle?

    A fist bump or “closed-fisted high-five,” as The New York Times referred to it, is commonly called a “pound” or “dap.” It’s been used for decades as a greeting or a gesture to signify respect. What it’s not is “Hezbollah-style fist-jabbing” the nutty, ignorant, racist fear mongers call it.

    Fox News aside, does this mean that neither The Times nor the Washington Post, which called it “fist bump,” had people in their newsrooms who could enlighten fellow editors about today’s lingo? And if that’s the case, shouldn’t readers be worried?

    I remember a discussion with a co-worker a while back about fair and accurate representation by media. She said some of the journalism coming out of our newsroom — and others around the country — suffers because of homogeneity among its representatives: Many of us are around the same age, married with children, and live in modest homes in middle-class neighborhoods. She went on to say that we’re not paying attention to wide representation among sources in stories either, thus forgoing variety and complexity for convenience and familiarity.

    Knowing this, could an African-American college student from out of state depend on us to report the news in a way in which he could relate? On news that matters to him? How about a single mom on welfare who is working two jobs to pay her rent? Or a lesbian shopkeeper living in a “gay-friendly” part of the city.

    Who in the newsroom is serving these vastly different individuals? Because it’s not us. Not yet.

    It all makes me sad, really. We journalists couldn’t even call a pound by its true name. Now the inaccuracy has us going out like fist-bumping suckers.

    And if we can’t get something so simple right, how much more are we getting wrong?

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