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    Day 2 (because Day 1 was pathetic)

    Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

    Aside from my 250-calorie Kashi dinner that had Ben exclaim, “Your food smells delicious!” my first day of relay training and DIE(t)ing made me want to, well, kill myself*.

    A brownie that ravaged my stomach, a chicken ceasar wrap wrapped in a too-fatty tortilla, cookies — goodness me, cookies! — and little exercise: those are what big waistlines are made of. In fact, I exceeded my daily caloric limit by 291. My 1,636-calorie limit has been set based on the goal of losing a pound per week.

    Cookies, I tell ya, are weapons of mass destruction. But because it’s impossible for me to cut them out of my life, I came up with a plan today that looks like this:


    I will keep the baggie of chocolate-chip morsels in my desk drawer at work, the only place that requires such desperate measures because the drudgery I endure drives me to snack endlessly on crap. I hope this baggie does the trick.

    Other than that, I did a little better than Day 1 in terms of physical activity and diet — I was 130 calories under my budget — but, folks, this regimen is kicking my arse.

    *I’m joking, Mom. Please do not take your daughter’s melodramatic writings literally.


    Friday, February 20th, 2009

    Somehow, my coworkers persuaded me to participate in the Go! St. Louis Marathon Relay with them.

    I’ll be part of a four-person, matchy-matchy team that will run 26.2 miles altogether — 6.5 miles per person — on April 19.

    Training begins Monday, and my boss, who is captain of my team, sent a peppy, “Yes, we can!” e-mail today offering a workout schedule that team members can execute at our company’s fitness center. All that did was annoy me.

    “Does everyone have to be so serious about this?” I thought, realizing a nanosecond later that my posing the question is precisely why I haven’t been able to lose, and keep off, the excess pounds.

    Why bother?

    Friday, December 19th, 2008

    Aside from the slices of cantaloupe (and honeydew melon I had already consumed), my holiday plate was full of delicious rubbish consisting of:

    1. fudge
    2. brownie
    3. macaroon
    4. pecan pie

    It’s likely there was a cookie on here, too. But I must have nibbled it up before this shot, which was taken after I realized that today’s 50 minutes of stinky cardio will not be worth a damn.


    My consciences

    Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

    So what if it’s not a word; the truth is that there are at least two people acting as my conscience.

    News got out recently (likely from my big mouth) that I’ve implemented an exercise routine. Now I’m being held to it.

    My co-worker Julie piped up yesterday around 2:30 in the afternoon to ask, “Minal Gandhi, did you go work out today?”

    There was a pause. And then a look — from me to her, and vice versa.

    She raised her eyebrows in a no-nonsense manner, waiting for me to respond.

    “Umm, no…?” I said finally, trying to make my guilt sound adorable.

    I wasn’t successful.

    Julie told me that I never should’ve let her know about my fitness goal, because now she’s going to check in regulary to ask whether I made my promised visit to the company’s gym. This was after she revealed that she’s been exercising every day since March (or was it May?) and that she’s lost 30 pounds altogether thus far. She added also that she gets up around 5 each morning to get her workout in.

    I sat there quietly for several minutes — vexed.

    And then, a half-hour later, I was sweating on a treadmill.

    Even if my conscience isn’t effective, I can at least say I have another one that is.

    A new leaf, a new life or neither?

    Friday, December 12th, 2008

    I’m not sure whether the past four days have been random, “good behavior and good habits” days or whether I am — quite possibly — turning a fresh, new leaf, but I’ve been floating along nicely on this tide of responsibility.

    Despite my concern that I am boasting about merely a fluke and post post-weekend laziness I will have dropped my dedication to tidiness, exercise, at-home meals and blogging momentum, I wholeheartedly believe that Productive Minal (and her ambitions) has been borne out of homeownership. … and, well, the mortgage.

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