Since last time I …

    • drank too many margaritas at my bachelorette party.
    • damned the creep who dented my parked car.
    • married Benny Sheps.
    • bought a house.
    • hyphenated my last name.
    • ate just one helping of turkey.
    • thanked God I wasn’t living in the apartment anymore.
    • wiped water off the floor of a flooded kitchen.
    • warmed up in front of my fireplace twice.
    • drained water out of a flooding basement.
    • met three handymen.
    • experienced buyer’s remorse.
    • pored over Consumer Reports recommendations.
    • hugged my very own washer/dryer.
    • tightened up a leaky water faucet.
    • swooned over the water and ice dispenser in my new fridge.
    • shooed cats off kitchen countertops thrice.
    • grimaced over my appearance in wedding photos.
    • incessantly called myself fat.
    • stopped calling myself fat.
    • started working out.
    • cried twice.
    • laughed daily.

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    2 Responses to “Since last time I …”

    1. 1 sheshe Says:

      I want to see photos of it all… especially the part of marrying ben. email me or post something silly, wonderful girl.

    2. 2 Mom Says:

      ”cried twice” why?

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