Riverdancing on the bladder

    My son is an athlete. On second thought — knowing my longtime love of dancing and Ben’s penchant for randomly awesome bouts of river dance — my son is probably a dancer.

    Because that is all he’s been doing for the past two weeks: Dancing in my belly, above my bladder.

    If ever there was a time for Depends, the incontinence accessory, now would be it. Not because I leak from Baby’s sudden kicks and stomps, but because I’m just tired of feeling as though I must pee every half-minute.

    Friends tell me it’s only going to get worse — which, thank you, friends, but common sense could’ve helped me figure that one out on my own. By the way, Baby has doubled in size from three weeks ago.

    So when you meet him, ask him to do a little jig for you. From what I can tell, he’s quite good.

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    3 Responses to “Riverdancing on the bladder”

    1. 1 Benjamin Says:

      How about that riverdancer on the bladder image!

    2. 2 shell Says:

      Nice image! And I totally remember that. The guy who sits near the women’s room at work used to laugh at me, because I’d be hurrying into the bathroom, come out, get two steps past his desk, sigh, then turn around and walk back in. Constant state of pee!

      Just wait until he’s a little bigger: I used to balance the remote control or phone on my belly and watch it jump (and eventually fall off) as Sean kicked at it.

      To this day, that kid has amazing leg/kicking strength. You just try holding onto a squirming infant when he’s arching his back and pushing against your chest with his feet. (It WILL happen and you will get a mouthful of baby foot in the process. Fair warning!) =)

    3. 3 Erin Says:

      Maybe if you hang upside down?….

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