My apartment…

    is a wreck. The recycling bins are heaped well-intentionally. The gold sandals I wore last Friday are still splayed across the rug on the living room floor. A feather boa meant to excite the cats lies lifeless a foot away. Several pages of recipes and housekeeping tips (irony!) ripped from Real Simple magazine are in the days-old spots they fell upon when a strong breeze passed through. The laundry is piling up; the milk is expired; the kitchen sink is crying out; and the discount sofa, struggling to withstand daily use, is layered with the hair of four cats.

    I’m a wreck.

    I miss my mom. And my dad for that matter. I feel like I was better put together under their watch. They didn’t let me stray too far from cleanliness or responsibility or health in all the 24 years I lived with them. They’re not procrastinators; in fact, they follow a simple, reasonable regimen that prevents any overwhelming helplessness of “Where do I begin?”

    They don’t deal with shoes out of place or leftover dirty dishes or loads of this and heaps of that. They get things done … on the spot.

    And that’s really all there is to it.

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    5 Responses to “My apartment…”

    1. 1 Erin Says:

      I have the same problem, except that I am a slob because my parents are basically slobs too. The fact that I live with a grown child isn’t helping matters.

    2. 2 Pku Says:

      Awwwwwww….but you too can slowly have your own regimen. My room’s pretty bad too, don’t feel so bad

    3. 3 benjamin Says:

      You see a mess, I see creativity. Messes are the byproduct of creative people. We don’t let cleaning get in the way of creative inspiration. When we are finally bored, we will clean. Until than, God bless this mess.

      Ok. Maybe it is around that time to quit making stuff and start to clean up. Im glad that you didn’t mention my closet in your post, however, my closet is a wreck.

      Well, if this is your way of telling me it’s time to clean up I’ll do it. But I’m going to need some beer. Domestic beer for domestic chores. A match made in heaven.

    4. 4 shruti Says:

      ^—That is why Ben is good for you! My place was a wreck too and I feel the same way about my parents. I wonder if there will be a magical switch and I will be like my parents and have a clean house too…maybe when I have kids and a lot more to do? I don’t know.
      Inothernews, my place is a HUGE mess. And my mom is coming Sunday, so I spent this week cleaning, and, stupidly, thought “hey, this is a great time to do some SPRING cleaning too!” like getting rid of clutter and organizing my closet and cupboards. Worst. Decision. Ever.

    5. 5 Niraj Says:

      I always make a mess what ever I do.. my wife Parul always gets mad at me.. then my son Shaan makes a bigger mess than me.. We drop our clothes everwhere.. explains why I’m gaining more weight and Parul is losing weight. I’m grateful to have Parul, she always cleans after both of us and I guess I’ve become used to being a lazy slob.. Parul always says father and son are alike.. I guess this must be true… Shaan and I love to eat but always forget to clean-up after ourselves.. i guess if someone reminded us of cleaning up all teh time maybe I would not forget.. I blame this laziness on my parents.. always “son after you finish your meal, you can either go play or watch TV”, This had formed a habit since I was 4 years old.. now I’m 38.. and still have this habit.. thanx alot.. I guess I’m lucky to have people who take care of me.. 🙂

      So I tell Shann even though he’ll be two this year.. clean up after you mess or you’ll end up like a couch potato like your dad.. he looks and me a smiles and giggles all the time.. so i guess it’s okay for now. :-))))

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