Like water

    Main Entry: flu·id
    Pronunciation: flü-əd
    Function: adjective
    Definition: subject to change or movement

    If there are any plans that shouldn’t be fluid, they are wedding plans.

    Guests aside, I myself am having trouble nailing down the details of how I’ll marry. But I have no doubt about who I’ll marry — that’s the simplest, loveliest, most anticipated part.

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    2 Responses to “Like water”

    1. 1 R Says:

      That’s all there is to it.Just you and him and a few people you love and that makes the most beautiful wedding.

      But expect your plans to keep changing until you get closer to the day. Even though you like stability, it’s actually part of the fun.

    2. 2 sheshe Says:

      I am completely on the opposite spectrum. Every detail of my wedding is thought out in my head… but who I will marry continues to remain a big mystery.

      However, I am SOOO excited for you to have your very own hairy prince charming. 🙂

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