Lewis from St. Louis

    Our cat Lewis has been hit with FLUTD β€” that is, feline lower urinary tract disease β€” and I’m totally bummed.

    Even though the diagnosis could be much, much worse, I became a wreck this evening over the thought of it indeed being much, much worse β€” as in a fatal condition that the doctor threw out as a possibility.

    So we have to monitor Lewis’ litter-box visits as best we can now, which I’m sure perplexes and annoys the heck out of him. But since returning from the vet this evening, I observed that he tried to empty his bladder 11 times within one hour, and only the first visit to a box was successful. He’s also keeping his distance from us and choosing to camp out under the dining table despite our coaxing.

    Just the other day I was telling Ben that we have the best cats in the world and that I hope they stay healthy and live long enough for our son to love and play with them too. So I found it incredibly unfair to find that so soon after that conversation we are faced with thoughts of those same sweet cats’ mortality.

    Get well soon, Lewis.

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    6 Responses to “Lewis from St. Louis”

    1. 1 Meena Says:

      Oh No! Love you Lewis!! I know he will be alright! He is such a happy loving cat. Take care!

    2. 2 Michelle Says:

      Sending good thoughts to your fuzzybutt, Minal. Hope he gets better soon.

    3. 3 benjamin Says:

      Hang in there lil buddy. We’ll get you back on track.

    4. 4 Franchesca Says:

      Hi Minal! A friend had the same issue with his cat and switched to distilled water because the mineral content was high in his tap water. Not sure if it will help, but worth a try. Also, I know that he helped his cat by “milking” him to help him pee-ahh the things we do for love πŸ™‚


    5. 5 benjamin Says:

      Lewis seems to be ok.

    6. 6 Us Says:

      I hope you get better Lewis!

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