Letter to Sarah Palin

    Dear Sarah Palin,

    You sound like a broken record.

    Please stop talking because your voice drives me crazy, and your party’s repetitive spin equates to nails on a chalkboard.

    Exactly what makes you think that hunting Hockey Moms are qualified to lead our country? Sure, I can relate to your down-to-earth demeanor and respect your family-first philosophy, but guess what? I’m not looking for anyone described as an “average American” governing higher offices in the United States. Average doesn’t cut it when it comes to leadership. Yet you, with your beauty-pageant charm and good looks, have convinced hordes of Americans that average is enough. Way to inspire. I suppose your campaign believes excellence as overrated.

    And going back to that Republican spin you spew, why not share something of substance at your next campaign stop? Who are you, Sarah Palin? Tell me something other than your Bridge to Nowhere story, something other than your Executive Jet on eBay story, something other than low blows and falsehoods about your Democratic opponents.

    Or, on second thought, don’t. Just stop talking.

    Thanks, Sarah. Thanks but no thanks for the exaggerations, half-truths and down-right lies.



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    6 Responses to “Letter to Sarah Palin”

    1. 1 mike oz Says:

      word the fuck up.

    2. 2 the jon Says:

      Hey, The Jon like her low blows … couldn’t resist.

      And the U.S. could always use another cheerleader making speeches and the quickly fumbling Republican Party acting like they are at a prep rally … Woohooo!

      Gawd, The Jon hates his party.

    3. 3 benjamin Says:

      I figured it out!
      Sarah Palin sounds just like Mrs. Pool from The Hogan’s Family.
      Check the link, it’s also a great clip.

      Did you see SP draw blanks when she was asked about her take on the Bush Doctine? After failing to get more info from her interviewer on what the Bush Doctirne really is, she proclaimed that she supported Bushes efforts to fight terrorism and to go to war. But concluded that she was going to be part of the change and reform that Washington needs.

      Excuse me, but didn’t she just say that she supported the Bush Doctrine? How are you going to change Washington when you already support it’s failed practices.

      What fascinates me is how the republicans are totally biting from the Obama campaign to gain support for their flailing party. Obama started this whole change movement this election, and McCaint has been biting his style the whole way. I see no reform nor foresight coming from a man who has voted in agreement with Bush 90% of the time.

      To me, Sarah Palin is the Vanilla Ice of the republican party. The republicans jacked a beat, penned a hook, put together one dance routine, and found an opportunistic wannabe to play the role.

      This is the era of the great republican freakhshow. This is exactly what america doesn’t need, more over privileged, under educated, opportunistic Vanilla Ices to run our country. Dumb Dumb Dada Dumb Dada Dumb Dumb…

    4. 4 Lexey Says:

      Oh my goodness. How do you really feel? πŸ™‚

    5. 5 N. E. Miller Says:

      LOL. Thanks for the great comparison, Ben! I quoted your comment on my blog, because I couldn’t pass up the reference to Palin as Vanilla Ice. That may even be more apt than the reference to Palin as the next Crystal Pepsi! πŸ˜‰

    6. 6 Joy Says:

      I found this site when I was searching on Google for – youtube “mrs. pool”” – b/c I completely agree with Benjamin that Palin sounds just like her!! Thanks for the link!!

      Minal, your letter to Palin is dead on, and Benjamin, your post is priceless!! thanks for sharing your opinions πŸ™‚

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