Let’s get to it…

    I did not pee on a stick this weekend as I said I would. I’m putting it off because I think it’s too soon.

    There, see. I’m not keeping you in suspense any more than myself. So I’ll report back on this matter in a future post, when I deem it to be appropriate. Because, as I conveyed to my friend, shortly after Thursday’s post, I remembered that sometimes it’s best to zip it.

    In other news, I also did not spend a ludicrous amount of money on clothing as I had intended, so my checking and savings accounts remain intact. Thank you, logic.

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    One Response to “Let’s get to it…”

    1. 1 a Says:

      what exciting news! but i think u r right, sometimes it is better to wait (with the stick and the info!). good luck!

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