Home is where the mortgage is

    I so badly want to own my own home.

    For the past year and a half, I’ve trawled through hundreds of property listings on the Internet. I’ve personally visited close to 70 houses and/or condos during that time too, becoming well-versed in ZIP codes, school districts, crime stats and architectural flaws.

    Despite developing expertise and building confidence, beneath the surface I’m still petrified by the responsibility of it all.

    It’s the same type of hesitance one might feel when, after a lifetime of dating, he begins to consider marriage. The commitment of forever, the responsibility of another and the risk of disillusionment could weigh too heavily on his mind, turning his feet cold.

    That’s what I’m experiencing: cold feet.

    Can I make good on my promise to love, honor and pay dearly for a property? Do I want the high-maintenance mortgage when my monthly rental keeps things simple? And, really, why should I buy the cow, when I can get the milk for cheap? Way cheap.

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    8 Responses to “Home is where the mortgage is”

    1. 1 QueenBee Says:

      Stick with the cheap milk!
      (From a gal who purchased four homes before the age of 30 — and aged about 10 years because of this.)

    2. 2 Lexey Says:

      If you’re going to buy, now is probably a good time since prices have gone down. That said, oh.my.god. it’s stressful. But, you just keep thinking, It’s mine….every crack, ALLLL MIIIINE! 🙂

    3. 3 deko Says:


      good for you with jumping back in. to writing Please don’t forget to give us the juicy details – whcih zips, houses, neighborhoods are your faves? and then just hypertext them in so we can look at them too.

      good luck

    4. 4 shell Says:

      It’s a tough choice, Minal. I too had the “I want a house” fever for YEARS before Jason and I finally took the plunge in January. Some things I have learned:

      1. No matter how much you prepare, you find out that all those Web sites didn’t teach you everything;
      2. It’s more expensive than you think it will be;
      3. You’ll need things … lots of things … from a special place I like to call “Home Paycheck”;
      4. You’ll hum said establishment’s commerical jingle spontaneously while either thinking of home improvement projects or while doing them;
      5. Did I mention its more expensive than you think?
      6. You are handier than you ever thought possible.

      And Lexey is right — it’s ALL yours. The furnace that is broken when you move in? It’s yours. Bathroom showers not working? But they’re yours!

      All that being said, it’s really gratifying to fix up the place and put your mark on it. Put down roots. Very gratifying. And while it’s expensive, time consuming, and sometimes stressful, it’s WAY worth it.

      Much luck to you and Ben.

    5. 5 The Princess Says:

      I say get a huge ring, and forget about the mortage. :o) KIDDING!

    6. 6 The Jon Says:

      or you could always get good fire insurance and burn it … wait, I didn’t say that

    7. 7 shruti Says:

      I want my own house too. Everytime I write a rent check, I have this mental image of myself taking a handful of cash and flushing it down the toilet. Cause that is what I am doing–absolutely no return on my cash-money!

    8. 8 Niraj Says:

      Go for the whole shabang! like I did .. you won’t regret it.. people who often buy fiexer uppers don’t do the fixing til they are ready to sell the home.. popel don’t enjoy their home .. The only fixing I’m doing is try to finish or close to the basement.. for my gameroom entertainment area.. I’m already mowing the lawn.. and it’s already taking me 3 hours!.. also buy the property that u like the set-up design.. don’t think like hmm let’s know down this wall etc.. cheers!

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