At a young age, I remember telling my cousins that when I find someone stellar to marry I am going to tell the whole world. I was talking about megaphones, newspaper announcements and marching bands.

    Decades later, I’m a bit more modest about my plan. I’ve skipped the excessiveness but kept the sentiment.

    And thanks to my immeasurably talented, artistic and geeky fiancé, I can still announce it to the world.

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    2 Responses to “Giddy”

    1. 1 mike oz Says:

      when i saw it, i thought benjaminal was genius.
      word to y’all.

    2. 2 Josh Renaud Says:

      Hey Minal, I think the benjaminal site is truly awesome. I especially loved reading the “our story” portion. Very well written. I wish you guys all the best!!

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