Somehow, my coworkers persuaded me to participate in the Go! St. Louis Marathon Relay with them.

    I’ll be part of a four-person, matchy-matchy team that will run 26.2 miles altogether — 6.5 miles per person — on April 19.

    Training begins Monday, and my boss, who is captain of my team, sent a peppy, “Yes, we can!” e-mail today offering a workout schedule that team members can execute at our company’s fitness center. All that did was annoy me.

    “Does everyone have to be so serious about this?” I thought, realizing a nanosecond later that my posing the question is precisely why I haven’t been able to lose, and keep off, the excess pounds.

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    3 Responses to “Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

    1. 1 meena gandhi Says:

      Go girl! “Yes, I know you can”!!!

    2. 2 Erin Says:

      6.5 miles?! Ho lordy.

    3. 3 shruti Says:

      YES YOU CAN.

      But I don’t know if I could. I hate running so much! I would maybe do a bike relay…good luck!

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