Elastic pants and babydoll blouses

    I had a liberating experience this past weekend —  I bought clothes that fit.

    I’m in the second half of my pregnancy and I was still putting off the purchase of maternity clothes until recently, telling myself that I could do without for a little longer and to continue with the rubber-band-through-the-button-loop technique for my pants.

    Quite simply, I was behaving like a moron.

    The second I pulled on the pants in the dressing room of a maternity store, feeling the stretchy waistband hug – not suffocate – my belly, I did my happy dance. Booty shakin’. Arms pumping. Head bobbing. All of this and there wasn’t even music involved.

    When that was over, I threw back the curtain of the dressing room and walked out to my waiting husband. He noticed the goofy smile on my face and even goofier back-and-forth march I did for him. And when no one was looking, I flashed him my belly – pronounced but content under a swath of black elastic.

    This is the best thing ever!” I exclaimed, maybe a bit too loud.

    So I bought two more pants, a pair of jeans and three blouses, all of which look ridiculously adorable on me. (Yeah, I said it.)

    I don’t care that it’d qualify as a fashion faux pas to the Nth degree, but I plan to rock my maternity pants for a very … very … long time.

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    4 Responses to “Elastic pants and babydoll blouses”

    1. 1 Erin Says:

      Yummmm, stretchy pants….

    2. 2 Mom Says:

      Take some pictures

    3. 3 shell Says:

      hahahahah!!! I TOTALLY resisted the maternity clothes too! (I used a bella band until I was 5-6 months pregnant.) I did that same happy dance, and I REMEMBER that feeling.

      FREEDOM! And I kinda miss stretchy-waist pregnancy pants now. Now that I’m sans-baby my pre-pregnancy pants will literally FALL OFF MY BODY if not tightly cinched with a belt. Apparently I lost my hips. Let me know if you find them, OK? =)

    4. 4 Shower Radio · Says:

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