DIE(t)ing: Day 9

    So, contrary to my fears of dying over this diet, I am still alive. And I am still succeeding. Put your shock aside for a second because it blows even my mind to know that I haven’t consumed any sweet snacks or desserts for nine whole days.

    How did this happen? Where did this focus come from? Who’s that girl who lost 1.3 pounds in the past two weeks? Oh wait, it’s me. 🙂 Hey, you! Write this down: I rock.

    Why? Because I went to celebrate the birthday of a Mr. DJ Crucial over the weekend where his equally musically inclined wife, DJ Agile 1, made cupcakes. And not just any kind of cupcakes, oh no. She made yellow-cake-mix-with-chocolate-frosting cupcakes. Does anyone know how much I L-O-V-E the yellow cake with chocolate frosting? It was rather depressing to watch 15 others treat themselves to heaven. While I was in hell. Hungry.

    Why else? Because Ben baked chocolate chip cookies the day after the birthday party, and I had not a one. Talk about progress.

    Also, to add to my lifestyle change — or perhaps my unstable state of mind — I have signed up for a fitness challenge at work. It starts March 19 and lasts for 10 weeks. My goals are both in the nutrition and fitness departments. So, that means continue on this no (or maybe low) sugar diet, and work out for at least 30 minutes a day. I may even win $1,000 in a contest the company automatically enters participants in.

    If I win, the money will go toward a lifetime supply of yellow cake with chocolate frosting. The end.

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