Days 3 and 4

    So, life is poopy at the moment.

    I prefer to believe that I’m overcompensating for my meal servings when I log them into my Lose It! application, but preferences aren’t what diets are about. Truth — bleak, mortifying, demoralizing truth — are what DIE(ts) are about.

    Did I really consume 146 more calories than my daily allotment on Day 3? Do I really have only 377 calories to spare from now until dinnertime, which is still over three hours away? Did my exercise yesterday — which has made for stiff, uncooperative calves — count for nothing?


    I don’t even want to get on a scale in a few days. I already know the extent of my progress, and really don’t need to be reminded of my weight.

    Speaking of weight, and dieting and all things unholy, my lovely, absurdly hysterical friend Erin also started her diet early this week. I encourage you to follow her musings. Lucky for Erin, she has lost 7.2 pounds already and she’s only halfway through her seven-day challenge. Unlucky for her, her diet consists of lots and lots of … goop.

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    2 Responses to “Days 3 and 4”

    1. 1 shruti Says:

      Minal, I am right there with you. I actually splurged and used our engagement present money to buy a few personal training sessions. We had our first session on Wednesday and I am STILL struggling with the stairs today. Also, it is hard to diet when you eat with someone who definitely does not need to and also when you enjoy cooking and are surrounded by food as you hang around the house all day.

      That last sentence was really badly-written, but ARGH! I am with you! 100 percent!

    2. 2 Erin Says:

      Thanks my dear! I’m up to almost 10 pounds — woot!

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