Day 2 (because Day 1 was pathetic)

    Aside from my 250-calorie Kashi dinner that had Ben exclaim, “Your food smells delicious!” my first day of relay training and DIE(t)ing made me want to, well, kill myself*.

    A brownie that ravaged my stomach, a chicken ceasar wrap wrapped in a too-fatty tortilla, cookies — goodness me, cookies! — and little exercise: those are what big waistlines are made of. In fact, I exceeded my daily caloric limit by 291. My 1,636-calorie limit has been set based on the goal of losing a pound per week.

    Cookies, I tell ya, are weapons of mass destruction. But because it’s impossible for me to cut them out of my life, I came up with a plan today that looks like this:


    I will keep the baggie of chocolate-chip morsels in my desk drawer at work, the only place that requires such desperate measures because the drudgery I endure drives me to snack endlessly on crap. I hope this baggie does the trick.

    Other than that, I did a little better than Day 1 in terms of physical activity and diet — I was 130 calories under my budget — but, folks, this regimen is kicking my arse.

    *I’m joking, Mom. Please do not take your daughter’s melodramatic writings literally.

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    2 Responses to “Day 2 (because Day 1 was pathetic)”

    1. 1 meena Says:

      I remember those days after school, you open cabinet nothing else but just for cookies.But I know you now. You could do it. Love you!

    2. 2 Defiqeqirote Says:

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