I’ve been debating for days whether to write about this topic, so I’m just gonna be quick with it to make it as painless as possible.

    I am afraid about pooping during labor.

    This blog post reassures me how normal a phenomenon it is for pregnant women to experience this during birth, considering that “pushing” is the same as excretion. The problem is, with all said and done, I DO NOT FEEL ANY BETTER.

    It’s yet another reason to keep Ben at the my side from waist up in the delivery room. If the poor guy doesn’t pass out from seeing a human head peering out from my vagina, he will certainly pass out at the sight of shit.

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    5 Responses to “Crap!”

    1. 1 Erin Says:

      At that point you’ll probably want him to see it. You’ll be like, “Suffer, impregnator! Look at it. LOOK AT IT!” Yeah so my maternity nurse friend, Christie, says everyone poops. Just another fantastic part of being a woman.

    2. 2 MIchelle Says:

      I had the same fear… so, my advice, if I may offer some, is to NOT eat once you’re in labor! And if you need to go to the bathroom before your little guy makes his way into the world, get up and go!

    3. 3 shell Says:

      I agree with the post above. And they’ll tell you this in your childbirth classes: Once you figure out that you’re in labor, don’t eat anything. And once you get to the hospital, the first thing to do once you’re admitted and in your room is to go to the bathroom.

      With Sean, I ate a mini bagel with cream cheese at 8 a.m. on Saturday and didn’t eat anything else until after he was born at 12:29 a.m. on Sunday. So it wasn’t an issue.

      But another reason not to eat: Throwing up during labor. During the active pushing stage I was gagging during every contraction from “bearing down”. Had there been anything in my stomach at that point, it would’ve been a lot grosser than stomach acid constantly in my throat. (Ice chips are ESSENTIAL for getting rid of it. UGH.)

      All that being said … when the time finally came, I couldn’t have cared less about pooping on the table. I was just so relieved to have the baby out. (And even if you do, Ben probably won’t even notice. He’ll be too busy looking at his son!)

      Also — Jason was firm that he was going to stay “above the waist.” (He’s squeamish). But when the nurse offered to let him “peek” at the baby’s fuzzy head, he agreed. And he WATCHED Sean being born. As in, watched the doctor stick forecepts inside me and help pull the kid out. He didn’t even realize that he got splattered with blood (on the face even) for an hour.

      So don’t be surprised if Ben’s suddenly all interested!

    4. 4 Rich Says:

      Wow, has to be the most outstanding post yet to minalisms.com.

      Just remember, shit happens.

    5. 5 Laura Says:

      Frank said that they wipe it up so quick and there’s soo much other fluid that you can barley tell. He was not grossed out and i tried to keep him by my head but he ended up helping the OB deliver the baby. Are really it’s totally the last thing from your mind. I ate during labor and everything to keep my energy up, pushing take a lot out of you!

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