Even though there is little, if any, evidence of baby preparation around my house, I’ve been working every day on preparing mentally for July 12 (aka Due Date) and thereafter.

    I make to-do lists. I read my pregnancy book. I pore over ratings on cribs, car seats and carriers. I think constantly about my diet and worry about nourishing the little man inside, wonder whether he’ll latch on to my boob when the time comes and if I’ll have the time and energy to make most of his baby food from scratch.

    My network of moms and dads have told me that one can never truly prepare for the arrival of a child. “You just learn as you go,” they say. And that makes sense, but, good God, that means I have to pay close attention. At all times. Even when I’m bored, or unmotivated, or sleep-deprived and crabby.

    Which brings me to the following conclusion: This kid — he’s going to be one charismatic dude, even more so than his father, who from Day 1 re-ignited my creativity, perseverance and optimism for a happy ending.

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    3 Responses to “Cramming”

    1. 1 shell Says:

      Minal? I just wanted to say that YOU’RE NORMAL. =) And you had great examples, so you’ll be a great mom.

      Please feel free to call/e-mail me anytime if you have questions/comments/want to b*tch about how late-term pregnancy sucks.

      A few words of advice:
      1. Check to see if the hospital where you’re having the baby has lactation consultants (you can ask during your tour). If so, be sure to request a visit in your hospital room after you’ve had the baby. These people are faboo!
      2. Baby food is surprisingly easy/quick to make. The first purees take less than an hour (start to finish) 1x a week. (And you don’t have to worry about it until 5-6 months anyway — and hopefully baby boy will have set sleep schedule by then.)
      3. Don’t buy a Baby Bjorn. They should call it Mommy’s Got Back Problems. As someone who used a baby carrier for at least 3 hours a day when Sean was a wee infant, believe me when I say the Ergo is waaaay comfortable.
      4. PREGNANCY MASSAGE. Ben, if you’re reading this — your status will skyrocket if you send Minal to one of these … oh … around 7 months. =)
      5. You get used to the sleep deprivation. Sad but true. But in the early days, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you just can’t handle it anymore, tap your super spouse to help for a few hours. Ask family. Find a stray dog (just kidding).

      You’ll be great. =) Both of you!

    2. 2 Jenny Says:

      What a lucky little kid. So excited for you Minal! And beautiful posts, as always.

    3. 3 Erin Says:

      OK so I was totally going to say that you should just talk to Michelle and she will tell you everything you need to do because it appears to me that she’s got it down pat. And then I saw that she already commented! 🙂 I am going to hire her to be my pregnancy/baby consultant if I ever get pregnant.

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