Checking in

    Because there are other things on my mind, I will post later about something other than DIE(t)ing, as this past weekend showed a lack of regard for my newfound philosophy of mindful eating. I did, however, manage to run/walk 3.3 miles on in 43 minutes on Friday, and I didn’t feel wiped out. Success.

    I’m sure that pace is shameful for any exceptional readers who can run a 6- or 7-minute mile. And if that’s the case, then this above-average blog really isn’t for you. Move along.

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    One Response to “Checking in”

    1. 1 Erin Says:

      Move along! hahahaah…. Keep up the good work, missy! I could probably run/walk 3.3 miles in like 3 hours (stopping for snacks, ya know).

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