Carbs will rock you

    My spiral into carb gluttony began this morning, when I remembered that there still was no milk in the refrigerator. For me, milk is breakfast. Its necessity is symbolic. Without it, I lapse into diet doldrums. It matters not that I consume milk while breakfasting (which commonly involves cereal), but it’s imperative that it’s an option. It’s my motivator.

    So today, I set myself on a crazed binge that — eight hours into my day — I still cannot break.

    My diet (thus far) for Sept. 7, 2007:
    53 Parmesan & Garlic Cheez-It crackers
    4 slices of homemade cinnamon-sugar toast
    2 of Gus’ handrolled, salted pretzels
    2 tablespoons of mild cheddar cheese dip

    As I write this blog entry, my cousin, No. 1219, informed me that she’s lost 20 pounds since March. The irony.

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