I’ve felt different since the start of 2008. Better. Creatively charged. Ambitious. Clear. Balanced.

    Balance! I had been looking for it for some time.

    The past two years focused primarily on change: learning, adapting, losing and gaining. And let me tell you, losing when the competition is yourself is the hardest loss to take.

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    4 Responses to “Anew”

    1. 1 Lexey Says:

      do you know i think you’re a genius. es verdad.

    2. 2 benjamin Says:

      You go gurl!
      Lets tear 2008 a new one!
      Let the Capricorn rise from the flames!
      Let’s go buy some shoes!
      Let’s go buy new cars!
      Let’s go buy a house!
      Let’s just spend all of our money on fun, and start saving all over again!
      I think Im manic.
      Regardless, I’m happy for you babe.
      Keep livin, lovin, learin and laughin.

    3. 3 Shushi Says:

      Loss is gain. I know. I changed a lot of diapers. Their loss. My gain. Healthy, necessary losses for the babies, too. And if you are the competition, then your loss is also your win. You would have to lose to let yourself win.

    4. 4 gabe Says:

      congrats again, minal. i’ll miss you around the office, but i know better things await you. best of luck.

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