My comfort mechanism

    Last Friday, I spent $59.20 to fill up my 4-cylinder 1999 Honda Accord with regular unleaded gasoline. After I got over the sticker shock, I thought, “Thank god, I don’t live in California anymore,” where gas would’ve cost me around $3.95 per gallon, compared to $3.69.

    I always do this. Having lived in California for a quarter-century, I can’t help but compare the price I would pay for my lifestyle there versus here, in St. Louis, where life offers a different set of fun.

    I’ll bust out the comparison calculator when considering job salaries; I do it when sizing up real estate; estimating the cost of child-rearing, and, obviously, when summing up transportation costs.

    Aside from a quick mathematical exercise for my brain, I believe the act serves as a so-called comfort mechanism, and I employ it every time I begin to miss my home state and the perks that are housed within it.

    Instead of focusing on my cherished family and friends and temperate weather and breath-taking coastlines that California has going for it, I’ll scrutinize the pervasive gridlock and unaffordable homes and gazillion people who’d surely cramp my space and style.

    Then I’ll turn to St. Louis and say, “Thank you, Lou.”

    So, family and friends from the Left Side — the West Side — if I start up my California rant the next time we talk, just know that it’s because I miss you.


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    2 Responses to “My comfort mechanism”

    1. 1 benjamin Says:

      As we say in St. Louis, “There’s no coast like no coast!”

    2. 2 SheShe Says:

      I used to do this all the time when I lived in Arizona. By the way, I always think of you when I drive around the Long Beach parts of So Cal. I, especially, remember how we were looking for PCH when we were looking for IHOP. PCH was foreign to me then and sounded a bit off… today PCH gives me such a sense of peace.

      Glad you are happy. That’s all that ever counts.

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